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Part of Speech


Questions to Ask


Subject -NOUN

tells who and what the sentence is about

Nouns name and label.



Mary went to the store. (WHO?)

The football was kicked 40 yards. (WHAT?)

Predicate - VERB

the action of the sentence

(Can be a helping or linking verb)

What did the subject do?

What happened to the subject?

Mary went to the store.

The football was kicked 40 yards.


describes (modifies) a noun or pronoun

What kind?

Which one?

How much?

How many?

This student brought a new book to class.

Six old men were break dancing.


modifies verbs to make the meaning more clear (usually ending in ly.)




How often?

To what extent?

I spoke slowly and loudly. (HOW?)

Later that day, I called the police. (WHEN?)

Bring the book here! (WHERE?)

She frequently attends concerts. (HOW OFTEN)

I study often for exams. (TO WHAT EXTENT?)


used with a noun or pronoun (called its object) to show the relationship between the noun or pronoun and some other word in the sentence.

Study this list of frequently used prepositions:

about            above          after          across          against          along

among          around         at                before         behind           below 

beneath        beside         between     beyond         but (except)  by

concerning   down           during        except         for                 from

in                   inside         into             like              near               of

off                onto             out             outside         over              past

since             through       to                toward         under            until

up                  upon            with            within          without


Prepositional Phrase

begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or a pronoun

most prepositions tell where or time

I lost the money in the parking lot.

Hide the letter under the bed.

Before the movie, let’s go out for pizza.


takes the place of a noun

What word replaces the noun?

This is mine, but I will give it to you.


shows strong feeling

Which words show emotion?

Ouch! Help! Hurray! Wow! Oops!


joins words or groups of words

Which words connect?

and, but, or, nor, for